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“The Installer from Independent Living was very patient when showing us how to use the equipment for my mother and the aftercare service has been excellent” - Mrs M Salmon


Are you currently paying for waking night care staff for an elderly or disabled relative within your home?

If you have capital of over £23,000 you will be funding care and could be paying up to £1,400 per week for a waking night Carer.

Do you feel fretful at night times, concerned that you will not wake up if your relative is in need of assistance?

Independent Living Supplies offer portable alarm pager units, which have over 100 metre range and come with plug in chargers.

The unit is easy to set up and comes pre-programmed with your choice of telecare devices.

Is your elderly or disabled relative living Independently at home?

Being anxious about a vulnerable elderly or disabled relative who has opted to remain independent at home can be a problem for 1,000’s of people.

Falls, floods, fire, taking medication, inactivity can all be an issue.

Independent Living Supplies offer the latest in homecare monitoring solutions, providing families with the reassurance that their relative remains safe and independent at home.

A dispersed alarm or lifeline unit, supplied with a pendant can be plugged into an existing phone line.  When the pendant is activated it will attempt to call 3 programmed numbers – your mobile, your landline, a friend or neighbour!. A back-up monitoring service can be set-up for as little as £1.80 per week.

Just some of the wireless telecare devices you can connect to the pager or dispersed alarm unit

Pendants, Fall Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Flood Detectors, PIR Movement Detectors, Bed / Chair Sensors, Pill Dispensers and Epilepsy Monitors

We can arrange for the installation of any of our products