About Digital Enabled Technology

Digital Enabled Technology looks to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable clients to better support those with complex needs by gathering daily activity data with the ability to send out smart alerts which can be actioned in emergencies as well as highlighting escalating health conditions.

We have partnered with Cascade 3D which specializes in the provision of Digital Assistive Technologies, to provide this latest innovation. The difference between digital and analogue services is the data gathering facility that will provide an opportunity to capture a person’s daily activities data, and to set smart alerts which can then be actioned in emergencies and to prevent health conditions to escalate.

The ultimate aim of this service is to ensure the person feels safe to carry out their daily activities and they are supported to live independently.

Available Devices

Digital Devices

Example Alerts

  • Bathroom- night time visits above normal
  • Not up this morning – no movement in the bedroom
  • Not in bed tonight – no movement in the bedroom
  • Fridge not opened this morning
  • Fridge, Kettle or Microwave not used in the last 5 hours
  • Kettle is not used this morning
  • Medication box not opened this morning
  • Medication box not opened this evening
  • Activity in the kitchen during night time
  • Nighttime activity above normal
  • No activity in the home this morning
  • Smoke Detector activated
  • Front door alarm activated
  • Water Leak Detected
  • Room temperature too low /high.

How the system works

The devices installed in the person’s home transfer data to our Provider’s Data Centre (Dashboard). The Dashboard monitor’s the person’s activities and will generate smart alerts to a nominated person or agent (informal/formal carer).


Sensors Timeline

Sensors Timeline – Timeline showing Daily Activity captured by sensors

Sensor Dashboard on Smartphone

Alert Text Message – Text alerting responder on triggered event