Assisted Living / Care Home

  • We have a wealth of experience in providing a cost-effective, high quality bespoke systems for our clients, covering properties that support those with a learning disability, autism, dementia and the elderly that are at a high risk of falls. We utilise equipment from a wide range of leading manufacturers to suit the clients living environment.
  • Epilepsy Solutions is a branch of Independent Living who specialise in the monitoring of Epilepsy, we have over 15 years experience in monitoring the condition and can provide monitoring equipment to meet your client’s specific seizure types. Please click on link:
  • Do you have an existing Nursecall / Warden Call System ? – we can link in bed and chair sensors, door alarms, motion sensors, epilepsy alarms and many other devices to your existing system.
  • Do you need to monitor alarm activities for your site’s devices. A Cloud logging system logged which will provide you with a record of identifiable alarm activations, alert timings and staff response times allowing you to manage the KPI’s for the site/s.
  • Emergency Assistance for Support Staff – with limited staff providing night cover for clients it is essential that Staff are not left vulnerable when assisting clients in an emergency.
  • Wandering system: when a client goes through a restricted area the wristband the user is wearing notifies the Support Staff via the portable units they are carrying. The notification shows which user has entered which restricted area, enabling the staff to respond efficiently.

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DPOs Wandersafe Systems

DPOs Wandersafe System

DPOs WanderSafe – position monitoring system
This flexible and unrestricted monitoring solution helps to provide both independence and safety for vulnerable users as they move unrestricted throughout a property.

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Cloud Logging Systems

Cloud Logging System

MATILDA – Cloud Logging Platform
Matilda is a reliable and highly secure cloud-based platform that provides you with an instant online view of all alarm activity from your site’s monitors.

Emergency Assistance for Support Staff

Emergency Assistance for Support Staff

The red button can be programmed to produce a Siren alert to notify other staff members carrying a Pager that assistance is required. Essential when staff are dealing with medical emergencies such as clients having seizures and challenging behaviour.

Wired Solutions

Wired Solutions

Wired Solutions – link in to your existing Nursecall or Warden Call System. See More..

Bespoke Call Systems

Bespoke Call Systems

Bespoke Call Systems – A selection of devices available to link in with an Info Pager See More..