DPOs Wandersafe

DPOs Wandersafe System
DPOs Wandersafe System

DPOs WanderSafe – position monitoring system

This flexible and unrestricted monitoring solution helps to provide both independence and safety for vulnerable users as they move unrestricted throughout a property.

D-POs WanderSafe 2 is a wrist or lanyard worn sensor which can be used to detect occurrences of wandering and send an alert to the receiving device with details of the person and the location, for example ‘Mr Smith has just gone out of the garden door’.

It is ideal for use in a residential home caring for those with

The WanderSafe 2 system is a solution that provides reliable care for patients and workers in healthcare centres. Dependant on its configuration the system can be used for access control, wandering, panic and indoor emergency location system.

Access control:
When a user, patient or professional enters a designated area, the wristband verifies its configuration and the door is opened or closed, granting or denying the access, depending on who is requesting it.

Wandering system:
when a user goes through a restricted area the wristband the user is wearing notifies the carers via the portable units they are carrying. The notification shows which user has entered which restricted area, enabling the carer to respond efficiently.

Panic system:
When a user or carer needs help, they can trigger an alarm which goes to a tracks unit, showing who has sounded the alarm and their location. The Smile ID wrist band makes it possible to set different alarm types, such as short press, long press and double press which can be configured to mean different things.

Indoor location:
The unit can be configured to send an automatic position each time a user walks into a specific area. This position is stored in the software management tool, making it possible to know who is where, and what route they have taken to get there.